Thursday, 26 February 2009


Jez had his first session at Scouts last night. He really enjoyed it making green pancakes (yuk!) and apart from a few faces that he recognised there were lots of new kids to get to know which is great. He said they were really welcoming which is brill. I stayed for a bit just to make sure he was settled and to see what they were doing. I didn't realise that they raised the Union Jack at the beginning of the meeting. It was quite a formal procedure but a great tradition to uphold. I slipped out as soon as they got started on the activities only to find Wendy Wyatt in the car park and talk to her for half an hour and then meet Trish and Phil from down the road who were doing dog training. It is such a community sometimes around here, something it would be good to foster. Ben has Cubs tonight which I am sure he will enjoy just as much and he had Matthew Webb his best friend there to show him the ropes.

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  1. hello, I have just found you lovely blog. Well done for making a start. i shall put you in my favourites so i can keep up to date with you news Katie