Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Have a bad day!!

Charming! Those were the last words of Ben as he said goodbye to me today. He was in a strop because I wouldn't give him money for a snack at school. The reason he got so stressed was that he was going to take his own money and then I said he didn't have to take his own money I would give him some. Then in the car on the way to school all 3 boys played up terribly and so as a punishment they all lost their snack. Ben was not a happy camper!

Mind you he was in a strop earlier too because I had thrown his beloved Canada trainers in the bin. They had been falling apart for a while and yesterday they finally gave up the ghost and his toe was poking through the side. According to Ben they were still 'perfect' this morning!!

I think an early night is called for tonight!!

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