Friday, 20 February 2009

New Room...

Well I am sitting here feeling rather tired but satisfied as Alex has now moved into his new room. It is a little tight between the bedroom door which goes against the wardrobe and the bed but hopefully we can leave it as it is. It is looking good although we have only transferred through a fraction of the 'stuff' and the storage space that I thought was going to be brill is rapidly filling up. We have thrown away two massive piles of books and I have two bags of clothes to go too and that's just from sorting through his shirts!! Lots more sorting to do tomorrow and the boys are desperate to have the drum kit assembled so hopefully we can do that too. It would also be good to put up the awning on the caravan to work out how that goes and I'd like to go to the kids club film and we need to sort Jez's birthday present and get Alex's passport sorted. So how much of that are we realistically going to fit into one day!!!!!

I have started to put a few bits in the caravan today, just to see what we have and haven't got. We are doing quite well for bits and bobs. Need to buy another chopping board but we have most of the other equipment we need. The boys had a great time playing out there while I sorted. They loved closing all the curtains and making it dark! I can see we are going to have fun.

Eeek... Ben has homework to do before he goes back to school and he hasn't started it yet. The beginning of the holiday was so nice and relaxed and then the last 3 days we have had a different reli visiting or doing something with the boys each day which was great but also meant we haven't got some of the things done we should have!! Never mind!

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