Wednesday, 18 February 2009


Last night I was busy painting the woodwork in Alex's room and despite Alex being in bed the house was full of sound. They were the sounds I hope to remember right into my old age when the boys are all grown and have their own families. Alex was in bed as I said singing a song to himself. Not a quiet little lullaby but a rip roaring tale. Even now I can't remember what the tale was about but he was singing his little heart out bless him. This was intermingled with the sound of laughter from downstairs. Dave and the big two were having a game of Uno Extreme and it was obviously a great game as every so often all 3 of them would burst into laughter. Hearty male laughter, it makes you smile just to think about it. I didn't know Uno could be so funny!

Well the dying of the voile curtain was a disaster, it didn't take at all. I had suspected it wouldn't take well but not at all :C On a happier note I also dyed the sofa covers (well half of them - doing the other half today) and they seem to have taken better. I am just waiting for them to dry so I can put them back on and see if the problem areas look better! While they are being done the boys are making full use of the cushions from the sofa. They make great defences for their pretend games. Alex is at this moment forging metal balls!!

Grandma Ann is taking the boys today so I am looking forward to finally finishing the decorating and getting some work done. Got kits to make up and a newsletter to write (Dave has been nagging me which I need!)

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