Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Dave had a brill time on Saturday on his Indian Cookery Course. He came home with not only dinner for Saturday, but also dinner for Sunday too!! He has all the recipes so we are looking forward to lots more currys! GGG is ginger, garlic and green chilli which is the basis for most of the recipes. Alex did really well as the meal on Saturday was quite spicey but he managed to eat it all.

On Sunday Jez had the Hampshire final for the chess challenge. He had entered 2 years ago and although he had enjoyed it there were a lot better players than him there (despite him being the school champion beating everyone else at Titchfield in the years above him!) This time he knew he was a bit better and had enough confidence to say in advance that he would really like to get through to the next round which he did winning 4 out of his 6 matches. He has a great rosette as a prize and is looking forward to the southern final now which he is quite realistically realising that he probably wont get through (but he will have a good try anyway!) There were two other boys from school both year 5's who enjoyed the day despite not getting through to the next round. I think using clocks was a big surprise for them (as it was for Jez first time he went). I hope someone takes on organising the chess at school from Bill as it would be a shame for Ben to miss out as he is a nifty little player too.

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