Thursday, 23 April 2009


Do you remember the Bee Gee's song Staying Alive? "Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh Staying Alive, Staying Alive" Well Alex has replaced the Staying Alive with "Stabilize"! It sounds really cute.

We are off to visit Ben tonight at his residential that he has been at all week. It seemed strange that we would go and visit the eveing before he comes home but actually I am really looking forward to going and to seeing what he has been doing all week. They have had amazing weather all week with stunning sunshine and blue skies. I'm sure Ben will be shattered when he comes home tomorrow after a week of late nights and lots of activities. The week before he went away was quite manic too with badminton 3 mornings, a visit to Grandad Ian and Grandma Rogerson, a day with Nana Sue and our first trip out in the caravan. The campsite (Black Knowl) was great and the fact that it had a one way road going around it was great. The children on the site cycled round and round in circles. This was great as a motivation for Alex to want to ride his bike. He has nearly mastered it several times before but not quite. After going round a few times with me he set off by himself and with a bit of determination and encouragment from his brothers he gradually got it. By the end of the day he was cycling by himself and more importantly getting foing by himself. By the time we left he had made it all around the road without putting his feet down despite a hill (down and up!) Mind you the hill has a lot to answer for!! Alex was going down the hill quite happily when he caught his tyre on another bike and came a cropper. A kind father of 3 boys brought him back to the caravan for us carrying his bike, Alex blood pouring from his nose and alover his hands. As always it looked worse than it was (although it was quite bad!) He was very brave and it hasn't put him off getting back on his bike :)
We came back to school to some very sad news. Jodie who was a mum at the school passed away during the Easter break. She had been battling against cancer for a few years but it still came as a great shock. She has two young children who are really going to miss their mummy. She will be missed on the playground too... she was always a very cheery, smiley mum who always had a happy 'hello' for those she passed going up and down the path. I didn't know her more than to say hello to but she was a warm, personable character who brightened up the school community.

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