Friday, 15 May 2009

Moths, child of the week and SATS!

We don't have fairies at the bottom of our garden (well not that I have seen anyway!) but the night of Sunday 3rd May we set out to see if we had any moths. The trap was set at dusk (8:30ish) and the mercury bulb gave Blackpool illuminations a run for their money!! Bright and early on Monday 4th May the 7 us us (the Savages plus a sleepover friend each for the big two) went to discover what visitors the night had brought. We had three brimstone moths and a three spotted .... on the ground near the trap (one met an untimely demise thanks to Jez's large feet! - eek) and in the trap we had


  1. in the trap you had.................

    what???? don't leave us in suspenders lol!