Friday, 24 April 2009

Fond Reunion

The visit to Ben went really well last night. It was lovely to see him and we had a really warm greeting. A massive hug and he even shed a tear (I don't think he was overly homesick or had missed us that much, I think he was just genuinely pleased to see us - and very tired). We had the guided tour of the site and all the facilities, played some ping pong, went on the adventure playground and bought a souvenir to bring home. Ben has spent all his money on sweets and the arcade! I am sure he must have had more sweets this week than in the last year!! I am looking forward to collecting him later and having him home again (even if it does mean we don't get out the door as early in the mornings!!!)

On the way back from the visit last night Dave dropped me off in Highlands road and I jogged home. I am so unfit that I was wheezing and spluttering by the time I got home. I measured the distance this morning and it was 0.7miles and I did it in around 7 mins. I am feeling grotty today (nothing to do with the jog) but I would still like to try and do some more running... got to get fit somehow!

The photo below was taken on Wednesday 8th April (Ben's birthday) and is the latest photo of the boys with their cousins. Sam is now taller than me (just).

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