Monday, 2 March 2009

Burn Baby Burn

Dave has had a metal barrel he got from work in the garden for a couple of months now. He got it to use as a burner for all the garden waste etc. With the hedge we took out down the bottom there was a lot of stuff waiting to go. Well this weekend we continued our sort out which culminated with the boys all having fun (and getting very smelly) burning everything. The burner worked a treat and fun was had by all. The workers of course needed sustenance so had crumpets and muffins while they worked.

We also put up the awning which was surprisingly easy to erect and is great. Jez can fill the water by himself so that will be his job when we are away. We sorted more toys through to Alex's room and although it is starting to fill up there is still space so that is brilliant. It is amazing the things the boys have played with since moving rooms and sorting the toys. Jigsaws, marble run, thomas track, lego have all been rediscovered.

Jez had a sleepover on Saturday night for Daniels birthday and while Jack and Sam snored away Daniel and Jez decided to try and stay up for 24 hours. They nearly made it but not quite finally falling asleep at 3am only to wake again at 6am. As you can imagine Jez is more than a little tired!!

I have finished my second class for the crop. I go between really loving it and not being sure about it!! We will have to see how it goes down with the ladies.

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