Friday, 27 March 2009

Mothers Day

Yes I know it was a few days ago but I haven't had 5 mins spare to add to the blog and I want to add this date so that when I do the scrapbook page I can know when it was! I have just finished a page of a different visit to Grandad Bert and I haven't got a date for it so I'm going to have to do some research to try and find out when it was! This trip we were all able to go down in one car now we have the Saphira which was fun. Grandad Bert is doing really well. He is 93 and is still completely switched on mentally. He didn't get out of the chair while we were there so I don't know how he is doing on his legs but he was all there to talk to and it was lovely to see him so happy laughing and joking. Colins sister (Sylvia) and her family popped in too (for 5 mins literally!) which was intersting as I have never met any of them. Dave's cousin seemed really nice and she has two children a little older than ours (15 and 11) and a new husband (her first husband dies a couple of years ago. The comment of the day was when she saw Dave and said "Cor you've grown!" Not surprising since she hasn't seen him since he was a teenager!!

On a different note despite the garden seriously needing attention there are some lovely sights with the Camellia in flower, the wisteria in bud and the hellibore in flower too. Might have to take some photos later.

The Savage men! Aged 93 to 5!!

4 Generations Layout. Photos from 2004 I think!!

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