Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Well yesterday saw me celebrating my 35th birthday! Because of the clock change the boys weren't up in time in the morning for me to open any cards before school so I saved them all to the evening. I had planned to spend the day crafting but ended up packing orders and placing orders with suppliers and I had to leave early for school as Ben's class were doing a brass concert. I did manage to start a layout in the evening which is a page for the America album and also a class for our crop. Two birds with one stone. I only have a few pages left to do for the America album and I am keen to get it finished before we go away this year so I am concentrating on it at the moment. It would be brill to get it all finished as it is will be the first album I have completely finished!! I also want to sort out all the other layouts I have done as they are all just a uddle of pages at the moment. I was thinking of an album per year so I can add the pages to the albums as I do them. I am definately in Spring Clean mode a the moment and am desperately trying to sort and clean through all the stuff whilst keeping on top of the daily chores. My theory is that if I sort more each day than is messed up then I should eventually get on top of it all!!

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