Thursday, 14 October 2010

Feeling Christmassy

How do you spell Christmassy anyway? Not how I have! I have just loaded some new ribbons onto the site including a lovely Christmas red and an Olive green which will be perfect for all those Christmas cards. Really looking forward to setting too and making some more cards (yes I have done some already!). Would anyone be interested in a card class? I was thinking of a couple of hours in the day and then repeated in the evening for those who aren't available in the day, perhaps once a fortnight. I am thinking of including a technique, a colour inspiration and a card sketch for each class... I've got loads of ideas so let me know if you would be interested (just at the planning stages at the moment... need to sort venues and costs out). Here are pics of the Christmas ribbons... you can buy them here. (last one on the page and first on the next page!)

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