Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Crop Number 4!

I had a great time at the Littlegreen Crop on Saturday and it was lovely to see some new faces (including one lady I had met 5 years ago!) as well as the usual suspects! Had a lovely, if not manic day. I had expected 6 for my class and ended up with 9 which was great but meant I had a quick scrabble to make up the extra kits. It was lovely as 4 of the ladies in the class completed their first layout ever. They were all very pleased with themselves and pleased with the finished page. We did laugh as the experienced scrappers stuck to the instructions exactly and the beginners all tinkered and played with their pages! Here are the photos of the pages I managed to get... sorry LuLu, Lindsey, Vivien and Melly for not getting yours.

This was Karen's first page ever. What a great start!
This was Franchesca's page. She is only 12! What an amazing page. She came up with the changes to the original idea all by herself.
 Kay's page, another first ever layout.
 Linda is scrapping an album of the homes they have lived in. This is her hubby in one of them.
 Sara had some amazing photos of her cat, my photo of her layout doesn't do it justice at all.
And finally I didn't manage to get photos of everyone else's work Sue ran a little layout competition which she won with this layout!

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