Thursday, 23 January 2014

Washi Tape Page

Ok so normally I wouldn't use quite so much washi tape on one page and I probably wouldn't normally end up with such a vibrant page but I wanted to use as many Washi tape techniques as possible in this class so the ladies had something to refer back to so they can use just one or two on future pages!

So here is my page and afterwards I'll go through the 8 techniques just so that you can get some different ideas about wonderful Washi! I'll post the ladies pages tomorrow so you can see how they made the page their own.
 Technique 1 - Washi Tape Titles - Stick tape to card three widths side by side and die cut title. Go round edge with pen to help lift from page
 Technique 2 - Washi Tape Border - I have used lots of colours here but you could use just one tape to make your border for a cleaner look
 Technique 3 - Washi Tape Punched Border. - Stick tape to card and punch with a border punch. For a different look once punched peel up the Washi tape and restick down parallel to the punched edge for a shadowed effect.
 Technique 4 - Washi Tape Embellishments - Here we have brightened up a humble paper clip with two lengths of washi tape wrapped around it. Wouldn't it look cute with a whole line of these in a row?
 Technique 5 - Washi Tape Ribbon Frill - Stick the washi tape to some ribbon overlapping about 1/3 and then stick to your page pleating as you go. You get a lovely ruffled effect on the ribbon. I would probably stitch over the tape to help make sure it is extra secure and for extra interest.
 Technqiue 6 - Washi Tape Banner - Wrap lengths of Washi tape around a string and 'v' cut the ends
 Technqiue 7 - Washi Tape Flower - Punch two 1 1/2" circles from card. With the wider tape pleat around the edge of the circle so only 1/4 of the tape is on the circle and 3/4 hanging off. Follow the circle as you pleat around (red tape below). For the narrower tape reverse so 3/4 is on the card and only 1/4 off. This will mean you need tighter pleats to enable you to follow the circle around (green tape below). Trim once a full circle is completed. Stick two layers together.
 Technique 8 - Washi Tape Button - Cover a regular button with Washi butting the edges up and matching the design so it looks like one continuous pattern. Tuck the excess under the button. This is easiest with a flat backed button and using the back on top so you have a flat surface to stick the tape to. Use a needle to re-make the holes in the button (my button had 4 holes originally but I remade just 2) and thread string through and tie a bow.
The tapes used can all be found online here :)


  1. wow! I love this page Katie - fantastic ways with Washi! I love the simplicity of the border idea, but my favourite is the paperclips ... no, the ruffled ribbon! Genius :o)