Saturday, 16 June 2012

Flip Card

I found a video for one of these flip cards but it was using a die that I didn't have so I thought I would have a go at recreating it using the Labels Eight Spellbinders Nestabiities set which was one I have. My first attempt was a disaster but having tried it once I was able to see how it should work and calculate the correct measurements.
  • I used an A5 piece of card which I cut down to 8" long.
  • I then scored it at 3" and 4" using my Hougie Board
  • The next bit is the trickiest bit. You need to line your die up so the centre point is on the first 3" score line. You then need to make a sandwich for the Cuttlebug to cut your die but you only want to cut up to this first 3" score line. The way you do this is by putting your A plate and B plate with your die on top cutting side facing up. You place your card ontop of the die making sure the centre point is at the 3" score line. You then put your C plate on top so that the edge of the plate is running along the 3" score line so that only the area in the first 3" will be cut. Run through your machine.
  • Being careful not to move the die you then need to turn your card around and make a new sandwich so the area to the left of the 4" score line is cut. The way to make sure you are cutting the correct area is that the section between the two score lines should remain intact. Again you will line the edge of the C plate with the second score line.
  • Once the card is die cut you can fold and decorate. To fold hold the card with the 3" score line on the left. Fold this first score line back then fold the second score line forward.
  • To decorate my card I cut more of the labels 8 shapes to stick on the front and back. You will need to cut two the same size (second largest die) to cover and reinforce the centre.
  • The stamp I used was from a set by Hero Arts and is called Live Life and if fitted perfectly in the EK Success punch Journal Plate and Brackets.

I have decorated my card in masculine greys as it is for one of my son's friends 12th birthday. I hope he likes it. The greeting will go on the back of the flip section so when he opens the card the greeting will flip round.

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