Thursday, 19 August 2010

Ribbon Storage Idea

If you are anything like me you enjoy organising and sorting your stash. My husband assures me that it is a female trait... the love of boxes, tins and organising. Anyway when I saw these ribbon boxes I knew they were going to be a hit. They are designed to hold ribbon reels but there is nothing stopping you from just filling them with lengths of ribbon and poking the ends through the holes at the front for easy access. They are the perfect size for holding all the great Woodware ribbon reels and if you use a lot of ribbon they make dispensing it really easy.

I had great fun decorating my one. I painted it with white acrylic paint and then used decoupage glue and a foam brush to stick down some scrummy Prima paper on each side. I used just one 12"x12" sheet to decorate the whole box (including the bottom... not that anyone is going to see it!!). Oh I did ink the edges of the paper before I stuck them down with a chalk ink pad. Because they stack it will be a great way to store all my ribbon for easy access and of course I'll have fun sorting it. They are amazing value at just £1.49 each!

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