Thursday, 10 June 2010

Inspiration comes from the strangest places!

I was on a course yesterday on budgeting. This meant that I didn't get back home until late so I popped into our local Coop and grabbed a pizza for tea. It was scrummy but when I was tidying up the packaging caught my eye. I have seen people use mesh to make backgrounds, well the base for the pizza to sit on was made from polystyrene and it had a great texture to it a bit like the mesh and this got me thinking... what if I added a bit of paint and used it to make some backgrounds. I put the packaging to one side and gave my hubby strict instructions not to throw it away (he has a habit of chucking things before I can say stooooooooooooop!) Once the kids were in bed I grabbed a paint dabber some scraps of card and had a play. You can make some great backgrounds and it is oh so easy. I've just used black paint here but I'm going to have another go using white for a more subtle effect and I reckon mixing colours would be cool too.

So here is how to make your background....

    Take your pizza box packaging and dab your paint dabber straight onto the raised surface. No need for paint brushes as the dabbers can be used straight from the bottle. Cover an area large enough for the card you want to print onto. I intentionally didn't cover the whole area so I had a more distressed look.

    Carefully lay your card face down onto the paint and using your finger gently rub the back to transfer the paint onto the card. You could use a brayer here but you don't need much pressure so fingers are fine! Lift carefully and voila you have your background. Easy peasy.

    Here are a couple of cards I made using the backgrounds.

    Products used that you can find at Cre8tive...
    Black Dabber
    Black ribbon with White Dots
    Jade Grosgrain Ribbon
    Teal flower
    Edge Distresser

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