Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Early Riser

We have had an e-mail from our prize draw winner this morning... I wonder if she was late to bed or an early riser as the e-mail came in at 4.38am! Anyway this is what she said...

Dear Katie,
Wow thank you so very much for picking my name out of the 'hat' i am delighted to be receiving the prize draw and am totally stunned to have won something!
I shall stalk my postman til it arrives!
Thanking you again so much in anticipation
aka Stunned of Somerset!

If you are reading this Lisa I'll try and get your prize sent out later today.


  1. Katie, I'm just an insomniac lol

    Lisa :-)

  2. Bet it means you get loads of crafting done though :) Smetimes I wish I didn't have to 'waste' so much time sleeping.