Friday, 6 June 2014

May 2014 Crop Class

Finally I have a few spare minutes to put up the pictures of the ladies crop classes from May. The ladies did a brilliant job and as always the pages look very different even though we started from the same point. I really enjoyed coming up with this class and started from the idea of wanting to do an ombré page and wanting to use a stencil with paint and the page came out of this starting point. So first off here is my page. I love that the colours of the page reflect the colour in the sunglasses which is why I chose this photo. These colours would be great for a sunset as well.
Next up is Bobby's page. Bobby isn't a fan of messy and inky so I am extra impressed with her doing this class!
I hope that I have got the two new ladies around the right way and that this is Mary's page! It was her first class with me so I hope she enjoyed it!
Maureen often has a shake up of the class and makes it her own and this class was no different! I love how she divided the page in four with the thin red strips.
Pat hadn't stuck her page down so we positioned it so we could have a record of it. The photo doesn't show it as clearly in real life but Pat applied the paint more lightly so her page was more subtle and she used the magic sheets for her title as well which went really well with the more subtle look of her page.
Penny's dad was a photographer so she always has amazing photos of herself. This photo is of her dad. What a lovely record.
Can you guess that Su is a big time Doctor Who fan! She is doing a second page with the same technique using the blue from the doctors Tardis.... can't wait to see it!
 Wendy was also doing one of my classes for the first time. Didn't she do a brilliant job?

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