Sunday, 2 December 2012

Snowman Card

I am so excited as I have published my first video to Youtube! I have several other videos nearly completed so I'll try to put up at least one a month from now on. Please do subscribe to my channel if you can so you get notification of when they are up. I've put codes for all the products used so you can visit Cre8tive and just put the code in the search box and if it is in stock it will come up for you.

Anyway onto my project and video. This project has been made for UKScrappers so welcome if you are joining us from there. Please do leave us a comment or follow the Cre8tive blog for more inspiration. I've put details of a special offer at the end of the post so read on to the end!

This is the card and it is really easy and relatively quick to make. It would be great for mass producing and I've kept it flat and small so it is cheap to post too. I don't need to say much else as hopefully the video will say it all. Please do let me know if you have any questions.

So the special offer is 10% off everything in the Cre8tive shop for the month of December. The only exclusion is Herma refills which are already discounted so can't go any cheaper! Just enter the code SNOWMAN at the checkout. You'll find us at

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